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Management Group Information

The Management Group is a formal meeting of Representatives of the Members of York Teaching Hospitals Facilities Management Limited Liability Partnership (YTHFM LLP) and its role is to manage the LLP.

YTHFM LLP is comprised of two members - York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (YTHFT) and Northumbria Healthcare Facilities Management Ltd (NHFML). The partnership is governed under a ‘Members Agreement’ between YTHFM, YTHFT and NHFML. Membership of the Management Group includes an independent Chair, the Managing Director and four members representatives.

 The objectives of the LLP are to:

  • combine skills and strengths of the members to enable public healthcare organisations to innovate and collaborate in relation to the management of the estates and facilities
  • find ways of improving long term healthcare outcomes and reduce the long-terms costs of healthcare in areas including provision of managed healthcare facilities, procurement of clinical supplies and service delivery
  • improve the patient experience of the services delivered, whilst maintaining both financial effectiveness and business efficiency
  • focus on achieving the best value for money operational performance within agreed timescales
  • develop and deliver new or additional complementary services and capital projects, within the private sector and the third sector (including charities and not for profit organisations).

Management Group Meeting

The Management Group meetings are held once a month.

Management Group Committees

  • Operational Management Group

If you wish to see a copy of the current Declarations of Interest schedule please contact: jacqueline.carter@ythfm.nhs.